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There is no better place for adolescents and young adults to be then at HeaHea Retreat, a licensed PHP eating disorders recovery center and wellbeing oasis tailored for optimal health and happiness.

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HeaHea combines the pillars of Healing and Health in a holistic-integrative approach, delivered through retreats to cultivate optimal well-being and longevity.


At HeaHea Retreat, we offer a unique approach to helping individuals impacted by eating disorders. Our name, derived from the words "Healing" and "Health", reflects our commitment to promoting holistic wellness and recovery.

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HeaHea specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, for adolescents and young adults; often related to trauma and other mental health conditions.

Eating Disorders


Mind Health

Our Services

Care Management

At Healing and Health, we offer free care management services for individuals, loved ones, and professionals impacted by eating disorders. 

Partial Hospitalisation

PHP is an intensive treatment option for individuals who have not found success in outpatient care or are transitioning from inpatient or residential programs.

TPH Program

Our transitional partial hospitalization program typically lasts between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the client’s progress and needs.

After Care

We recognize the significance of staying connected with our clients and their families to ensure that their transition to their outpatient team, home.

Supervise Living

To achieve this goal, we have implemented a supervised boarding component on site that aims to reduce transportation burdens on families and loved ones.


Our academic team is committed to supporting students in core subject areas, drawing from years of experience working with students of all levels.

Why Choose Us

  • Salutogenic Approach

    Salutogenic approach to educate and empower you to prioritize and protect your most valuable assets - your health and well-being. Located in the friendly and beautiful community of Tioga County

  • Trained Team

    Trained team members to consistently provide professional care and go above and beyond to maintain your privacy. Relapse prevention and aftercare to ensure positive outcomes.

  • Client-Centered Support

    Client-centered support to maximize progress and allow focus on core issues. Transition PHP model for reintegration practice. Relapse prevention and aftercare to ensure positive outcomes.

Eating Disorder Assessment

Step One: Assess

Step Two: Plan

Step Three: Execute

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